Portland, OR

June 5 – 7 We woke up early to get to Portland and enjoyed a short drive inland through the mountains, hills, and beautiful nature. The drive from the coast to the city was a little over an hour, which was pleasantly surprising! We didn’t know a single soul living […]

The OR Coast

The Oregon Coast, OR

June 2 – June 3   June 2, 2014 – TODAY IS BRAD’S 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to celebrate a quarter of a century by finding yourself in the middle of one of your greatest journeys.   I woke up birthday boy in Oregon’s Sunset Bay State Park campground with a […]

crator lake

Crater Lake, OR

May 31 – June 1 “How big, How blue, How beautiful…“         The words of Florence Welch says it all. Ladies & Gents, I introduce to you: The blue. The stunning, depth-defying, inexplicable hue of blue. That blue is something special, there’s nothing quite like it. It’s piercing to the […]


Redwood National Park, CA

     We woke up solemn and swell under the sleeping Redwoods, with a state of enchantment awaiting us right outside our front door flap  . . . The sun peaked through the high-up branches, twinkling down on us through the top of the tent. The excitement set in as we quickly […]


Mendocino Headlands, CA

        We woke up in Fort Bragg State Park under the golden, green glow of the treetops. We had a nice, easy morning organizing and re-arranging Baby Kia, and let our groggy morning minds wander of the adventures ahead. Up until this point, we had planned everything […]


San Francicso, CA

        We woke the morning of the 24th reluctant to leave our evergreen paradise but eager to get to our next destination. When I thought of where we were headed, I pictured a cool, foggy abyss; a city resting on rolling hills with a big red bridge […]


Yosemite National Park, CA (Part II)

It was on this day, May 22, 2014, that I would officially declare myself a lifelong hiker/explorer/naturalist extraordinaire …. all thanks to the magic of Yosemite National Park.   We spent all day hiking up to and all around Vernal Falls, and then deeper and further up to Nevada Falls and […]


Yosemite National Park, CA (Part I)

Caution: The grandeur of Yosemite National Park will sweep you off your feet/slap you in the face before you even know what happened. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.     One of the most epic moments of our entire trip (maybe the most epic) was our introduction to Yosemite […]


Sequoia National Park, CA

Our original plan was to drive from San Diego, up the Pacific Coast Highway to just South of Los Angeles, then cut inland and head straight up to Sequoia National Park – But due to the fires North of San Diego, we had to zig-zag our way through. We did […]


San Diego, CA

As I was saying farewell to my sweet Papa, with his atlas spread across the hood of my car showing me every road I should take to get to San Diego, it started to hit me … This was the last drive we would make on our journey to the […]