Prescott, AZ

   The entire timeline of our trip was anchored on being in Prescott, AZ on May 9, 2014 – the day of my Nana’s 75th birthday. My Nana is the sweetest, petite-est, most adorable woman you could ever hope to know. She is so full of love and exudes pure […]


Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

  We departed Austin, reluctant to leave, but ready to finally be in a tent! and in nature! and in our FIRST NATIONAL PARK! 🙂   We drove and drove and drove through the hot, dreary, miserable Texan desert for what seemed like eternity, until FINALLY we reached New Mexico. […]


Austin, TX

    When I was a high school freshman in Mrs. Toseland’s biology class–*flashback*–we studied DNA and genes. To better illustrate how DNA and genes work, we were assigned a project that involved us getting “married” to someone in class and having marshmallow babies with them. As everyone paired off […]


New Orleans, LA

   My boyfriend & I are frequent visitors to this mecca of music, festivities, free-spirits, grunge & magic. Nola is one big party, usually taking all these things + some and twisting it all together, breathing life in to some of the best experiences you could hope for in a city. […]



  It’s important to be adequately prepared for a trip this long and this deep into the wilderness. It’s equally important to be organized and try to maintain that organization as you jump around from location to location.   We found the easiest way to do this was to organize […]


Planning Your Trip

        It’s so exciting planning a trip to a foreign place–foreign in the context that you’ve just never been before. Exciting, but a bit challenging. Even though we strived to maintain the feeling of being free to go wherever the wind blows while out on the open road, there […]


The Great North American Journey

        When my love & I first started dating three years ago (!!!), we shared our ideas and dreams for the future. Magically, most of our visions aligned with one another–one of the many reasons we are together today and thriving. Some of our ideas and dreams […]

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This Journey Called Life

My name is Karlene, I’m 24 years old, and there’s nothing I love more than falling in love.    Many things do it for me–a pretty song, a sunset, a good book, a long, open road; some vinyasa flowin’, a kiss from my lover, the sky by night from a mountaintop; anything […]